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Blood Words:
A Warrior’s Walk

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A film
A mission
A statement
An awakening
A language of poetry
A language of vision
A breaking of boundaries



The One Who Stays

The One Who Leaves

Through the eyes of a beautiful and sensuous young woman who embodies the mystical ambiance of the Indian culture, we experience the nuanced intricacies of the East and the West as she fearlessly forges ahead on her quest as an artist and a warrior who embodies the mad longings of the Feminine Mystique.

The story of a woman, a warrior and a lover who manifests the Divine Feminine through her sensuality and beauty.

“Knives will bleed and a baby woman will be born.”

Her warrior self picks up her artist’s iron clad armor and leaves behind the petty bourgeoisie world of fear and empty rituals. She walks with the East and the West and holds the essence of both cultures within her. She sees the universe in the mouth of a beggar saint and recognizes the stars in every human man. She loves with a passion unsurpassed and eats sensuality with her minds tongue. Her two eyes pierce through skin, bone and flesh as her middle eye quivers with golden stars. She is two women in one.

“My lovers are with me, my feet are bloody and my bones are transparent.”

She is the exotic, erotic brown skinned princess for all to prey on, and they do. Men offer her the world and worship her like a goddess. She represents the Feminine Mystique, and all can see and feel it. She is used and taken advantage of, but she never stops. Like a hungry Lioness, she hunts for her prey, which is her artistic sword and her own wild unique vision. This causes all the challenges, surreal vistas, and constant peaks and valleys for a woman from another culture forging her way on unknown and unimagined paths. Her very exoticness and hungry sensuality is her sensor, her shield, and also her magnet. She uses it like a wild stallion tearing through the sands of imperfection and emptiness... as she merges with her intuitive eye and embodies her whole self.

“My tongue crushes raw almonds as iut feels the silence of love.”


Blood Words: A Warrior’s Walk Audiobook Excerpt


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Blood Words / A Warrior’s Walk


Book 1


Chapter 1

I Eat Roses

Book 2


Chapter 8

Pregnant and Slaughtered in a Palace of Wealth

Book 3


Chapter 19

I Will Always Make Love With Poet Men


The blue table reflected the sky on it. I watched the scratched surface of the once smooth visage and felt the lines under my trembling fingers. It was long and endless. My eyes moved up to catch the tall clear vase filled with water and twelve red roses waiting to open their beautiful bloodlines.

      I looked at the brand new black leather wallet by surprise. Some hundred-dollar bills lay across the shiny face. There was a finality and sadness about it. I moved back to the roses and quietly reached out to one of the buds and gently tore a few petals.  They approached me and I suddenly began to tremble all over. My hands shook as I plucked more of them and one by one placed them in my mouth. They tasted quiet and sweet as though my whole self was entering a garden of memories and wounds.

      A deep howl began to build within me and shaking and screaming I cried. The red petals fell on the wooden sky and all around me as if weeping with and for me. The howl turned into a scream. I could not stop. It was not aloneness that engulfed me. It was a wilderness of sorts, a forest without trees, sand dunes without the rippling sand, a riverbed with no water and a human face without the sparkling shine of a soul.

      It was the wasteland and I was in it. And then I saw my bride self, the one I had left in India when I walked away to sculpt life and art and weave the breath of life into the creative core. And I heard the chant always in me engraved in my being: ‘I want to express myself. I will express myself’.

Copyright (c) 2015 Manoshi Chitra Neogy All Rights Reserved. Library of Congress Registration Number:TXU1-915-929

Some words from a few who have read Blood Words:

“Blood Words is purposeful and poetic. It has become me and filled me with light, I am completely awake. My own energy has changed, to be positive and strong and I have transformed into it and feel it reawakened in me. Blood is invisible in me and yet always present; a spirit guide of harmony, protection, balance and strength. She is me and I am her. Blood is authentic, intimate, and full of strength- it is so important as a young woman to see this experience of self confidence, refusal to compromise or let the selfishness and possessiveness of others get in the way and take you from your path. It is reading an infinite poem that fills one with life and love, beauty and strength. It speaks in many different languages, driving deep into the inner depths of the soul and blossoming there in its many wisdoms. Chitra has given a gift that continues to unfold again and again, awake the self again and again, inspire again and again.”

“If art is life, then here in Blood Words, there is rebirth on every page. Poetry, words that paint with the brush of a child’s mind but filled with the knowledge held in the soul of the world. I have been moved by many forms of art. I have been shaken, I have been disturbed. I’ve been affected. I’ve been impacted. Yet I have never had a piece of art alter the way in which I see life. The way in which I breathe my life. Until now. Until this. What is this? This empowering piece of beauty that leads me to feel…big. The love of the world felt and radiated by her. Exuding from her pores, Pain and hurting too. All feelings intertwining and being felt. None being ignored. This is what I want. I will let myself feel because of this. I will remain open to the pain and pleasures of the world because of this. I will let myself limitlessly create because of this. Art has never been so pure. Beauty has never been so real to me. Captivating and encompassing my soul in each word. These pages held me. They carried me and guided me. They taught me/ teach me where my words the only ones I could form lie. Just teach me. I will always breathe the words of these pages. I want them to always flow through my veins. To constantly remind me and empower me. Forever I will let them flow through me.”

Cassandra Mull - What is Blood Words?

Oscar Wilde would argue that life imitates art.  Most people who walk this golden earth think in a more construed, proper way- that art imitates life, those people would be wrong. The odyssey you are embarking on by reading Blood Words is one that Homer could never even imagine.  Blood Words is a language, a song sung in the forest of a thousand ancient wolf women ancestors and the divine mythology of Hindu gods and goddess.  Marion Woodman, a writer for Nancy Qualls-Corbett and The Sacred Prostitute Eternal Aspect of the Feminine asks the crucial question of “what is it in me that is drawn to the sacred prostitute?” The sacred prostitute, which you will learn about throughout the journey, is one who knows themselves inside and out, one whose spirit and sexuality is intertwined with every essence of their aura. Essentially Woodman is asking what is it in me that is drawn towards the idea of being whole. What will make me whole? What will make me rejoice in my own confidences and solitude and bring back my child’s gaze? What will let me slip in and out of the worlds and make unearthly apparition seem real, realer than the real world? Blood Words is the answer. It is the walk of the sacred prostitute. The bloody words on these pages remind us that our spirituality and sexuality are not separate, but bound together creating the wholeness in us which is our soul. We are given a rebirth to our soul again. It seems like a very simple idea, of course everything that makes up me are one, but this in fact is not how most approach their life and their soul. Instead, we separate and compartmentalize and forget to see the wings on our back that have always been there. Blood Words is a perspective, a contradiction, a human spirit pulsating and breathing through these words. Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry can be compared to Blood Words as an example of what you are about to embark on. There is not one sentence, letter, period, space in Blood Words that does not bleed creativity, passion, and art and this is what it teaches us, that whatever we do we must do with creativity, passion, and art, we must “drink the swords and arrows on our own” but know that Blood Words is there for us waiting to rejoice us in blossoming garlands as we have now finally been reunited with our soul again, “we are finally awake.”

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